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This year, Barrie Pride is MARCHING through Downtown Barrie as a reminder of how far we've come, what's left to do, and what's at stake.

With the effects of climate change heavily affecting our community, we're committing to a greener approach this year - no vehicles, no engines, no roads. This is a march, the way Pride began back in 1970. Starting from Sam Cancilla Park, we will be walking, rolling, ambling, and strolling along beautiful Dunlop Street, turning South at 
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Five Points, and heading back East to end at the celebration festival located at Meridian Place, where vendors and music and fun awaits. Dress in your glittery rainbowy best for a chance to win a prize! 

Because this is a march instead of a parade, a few things may be different from previous years. We still require you to register below if you would like to march with us, otherwise we will see you on the sidelines on Saturday June 1st! Please make sure you carefully read all of the information in the emails you will receive after registering, to ensure everyone is in the know about what to do and expect in different situations - better safe than sorry.
Jun 01, 2024, 2:00 p.m.
Downtown Barrie
This year we're taking it waaaaay back. We're MARCHING through downtown Barrie, with glitz, glamour, and PRIDE. Dress up, show up, and wheel/walk/amble/stroll along with us in our most eco-friendly celebration yet! Register here to join in. Please read all information carefully.

Registration for parade particpants closes at 11:59pm on WEDNESDAY MAY 15TH, 2024


Register as an individual for free to walk in the march! Choose this option if you aren't part of an official group, like a bank or a school, and instead just want to come as your lovely self or selves.

eg. Stacy and her friends from school want to march together. They all register as Individuals (or Individuals Under 17),  they will all receive the Parade information package, and they will all be responsible for knowing the guidelines and adhering to them.


Whether you're a group of 5 or 50, designate one of your most responsible team members to be your Team Lead. They will register here once, with their name and the name of their company/business/group/etc. On the big day, make sure the Team Lead has a list of all the people walking with them and their contact information in case of emergencies. The rest of the group members will RSVP to and check-in with their Team Lead at the march.

eg. Biff and their staff at Fabulous Sporting Equipment Inc. all want to march in the parade as a sponsor or a Pride Positive Place. Biff registers as a Team Lead with their group name. Biff will compile a list of the names and contact information of all their coworkers marching with them, and registers as BIFF - FABULOUS SPORTING EQUIPMENT TEAM and will receive the march information package. Biff is now responsible for communicating to them the guidelines and any health and safety concerns, and will be their emergency contact for the day-of.

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